Lee County Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association Helps Make A Trip to the Hospital a Little Less Scary

Lee County Fire Marshal's & Inspector's Association

The Lee County Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association (LCFMIA) recently helped to make a trip to the hospital for pediatric patients a little less scary.  The LCFMIA collected donations of plastic fire helmets from members’ departments to donate to the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Currently the Hospital utilizes an x-ray machine named Freddy, who looks like a fire truck, with their pediatric patients. Through the donation, each child who has an x-ray taken by Freddy the Fire Truck will get a plastic fire helmet to take home with them.

LCFMIA Past-President James Tanner said “It is through great community partnerships like ours with the Golisano Children’s Hospital that we are able to establish additional avenues to assist our residents in their time of need.”  In total over 400 plastic fire helmets were donated with the promise of more when those run out.